Is It Possible To Write A 10-Page Essay In One Night?

It is always possible to rush through the work and come up with a 10 page essay overnight but it is always advisable to get it done before hand. But student life can be unpredictable and in case you find yourself facing the prospect, here are a few tips that will definitely help you. If you are going to write a 10 page paper you better start off as soon as possible i.e. when you get the topic. But students have a very busy schedule or are habitual procrastinators. They will push the work till there is no time left. Then you will have to complete the work somehow and submit within the deadline. Such hurried work seldom gets good grades but if you cannot help it you should at least put in your best efforts.

Steps to be followed if you are going to do it:

  • The first thing you will have to do is pick a topic. There is no time to go through different lists and come up with a new one. Here you will have to hope that whatever topic you are going to choose will impress the professor and get you an average or above average grades.

  • The topic will have to be a different perspective on an already popular topic. This way you get a new topic but do not have to hunt down all the relevant information. You can even read some of the papers written on the topic and use that information in a different light.

  • The next stage is doing the actually research. It is better if you write down while you are doing the research. This way you do not have to double back and formulate all the points. There is no point in going through all the facts just take the points you feel are important. The maximum you can spend on research is about 4 hours. Use this time cautiously.

  • Skimming will be your friend during these three hours. You will have be a master of skimming to find all the relevant information in three hours flat.

  • Once you have all the information start with the writing. Just form a rough sketch of a plan and begin the writing process. You will end up using at least six hour even if you are good with the keyboard.