Interesting Ideas On How To Write An Essay: The Benefits Of Using Examples

Essay writing is an interesting academic task because it gives you the opportunity to express your opinions on a given subject. This is a good practice for students to improve their writing skills as well as convey your ideas to the audience. When you start writing these assignments in primary grades, you will find it comparatively easy and interesting. All you have to do in the earlier grades is to pen down a few sentences about your favorite subject. This is simple because you do not have to worry about following a certain style or type. The structure of your essay remains the same and you begin with an introduction to present the topic to the audience and hook them with the rest of your paper. The second thing will be the body of your assignment where you present your major arguments. Finally, you will compose a conclusion to summarize everything you have discussed so far.

Why we use examples

One of the best things to do with your writing is to include an example. This gives a sense of relevance to your readers and makes it easier for them to relate to your paper. You can start your first paragraph of the paper with an example or use them as supporting evidence in your body paragraphs. Whether you are writing a formal academic paper or having an informal discussion you can use examples to act as an illustration for what you are discussing.

How and when to use examples

The type of assignment in which you use examples to support your stance and make it clearer for your audience is called an illustration paper. You need to determine how many examples you will use in your paper and what will be the order of these examples. This will help in shaping your paper and making it easier for you to organize it. You should also determine the purpose of these examples in your paper whether you are trying to persuade someone to create an argument or only inform the audience. You cannot choose one single pattern to apply to all kinds of papers. Sometimes one strategy will be effective for one type of assignment and others will not suit it.

There is no specific limit of using examples in your writing but they should be enough to make a valid point