Writing An Essay About Symbolism In Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is probably the most famous love story of all times. Even though it was written a long time ago, people still find new meanings for every symbol. Unlike other subjects, you will be excited to write an essay on this theme; there are many interesting things to encounter and analyze. Since there are many symbols in the play, you have to select the ones that are not so obvious so you can bring your own contribution to the text. Take these ideas into consideration:

  • A symbol does not mean the same thing for everyone. Sure, a certain object can mean a certain thing, but there are many ways to see this. If you see something in your own way you don’t have to expect others to agree with you. Your colleagues have different opinions, and this is actually a good thing because it will help you all evolve.
  • You can’t get in the mind of the author. You should never try to pretend that you know exactly what the author meant. You can only guess if this was the real idea behind this symbol.
  • Use quotes and references. If you decided to build your composition around a single symbol, you have to describe it to your colleagues. Instead of using your own words, you can use some quotes and passages from the play. If there are any colleagues who did not read Romeo and Juliet yet, at least they will understand what are you talking about.
  • Find general interpretations. For example, the time is considered by many a symbol in the play. It moves very fast and it seems that years are passing in one day. In different cultures time can mean different things, even if for us it is something clear and precise. Do some research and impress your professor with some interesting facts.
  • Talk about the rules of the society. The society of that time played a major role in the story of the two lovers. They did not have the choice to marry whoever they wanted and they had to follow unwritten rules that they did not agree with. Therefore, when you discuss a symbol you can’t neglect this aspect as it is vital in many parts of the story. Try to see the text as a single piece, not many pieces that you analyze individually.