Composing A Quality Reflective Essay About Love

Reflective essays can be confusing for many students. You have to know how to play with different elements and combine them into one single amazing composition. Of course, this gets ten times harder when you have to write about a difficult subject. Apparently, it’s easy to write about love; we all feel it at some point and we discuss about it all the time. But how many successful compositions did you see on this topic? Exactly, only a few. To be sure that your text is outstanding, follow these guidelines:

  • Discuss about different types of love. Many students narrow down the subject to once central idea: romantic feelings. However, the most intense feeling is usually not romantic; it is what we feel for our parents, for our siblings or our country. Try to be as original as possible when you compose this composition if you want to be successful.

  • Mention why is it important to discuss about this. How can this help other teenagers? Will it make a difference in their life and in the relations that they have with other people? You have to make sure that your text has a purpose and that you clearly state this purpose in the introduction.

  • Imagine a situation that is relevant to the subject. Naturally, you will have to expose this situation in the text and make it interesting and understandable for any reader. Also, since it is a reflective essay you have to analyze this situation in detail. Why something happened, how did it happen and who made it happen. You should also mention how will this affect other people and how it will change their personality or way of life.

  • Imagine what would you do (or what did you do if the situation is real) and discuss about this in the text. This will allow your colleagues to understand you better and it will allow you to express your opinion regarding this particular issue. Of course, you have to be careful when you write your opinion; you don’t want to seem too extreme with anything.

  • Write a smart conclusion. This is the last step of the process, but this does not mean that it is less important than others. You have to finish your text on a positive note that will leave a good feeling for the readers.