A Complete Tutorial On How To Write An Essay In High School

The format, style and tone varies for every class. When you were writing essays in junior grades, you had not to worry about the format and tone. Now, when you have reached in senior grade, the style has also changed. You have to be more informative and practical.

You have to conduct more research and would have to look for more resources. The topics may remain same, but the ideology, way of thinking, criticism, tone and argumentation need to be more challenging, more mature and more factual. You would have to write differently.

You cannot copy your previous lines, thoughts and ideologies here. Still, it is not that tough all you have to do is, to think differently.

Coming to high school, competition has become tougher. You do not have to meet the deadline only, but would have to meet all writing standards.

A standard essay consists of following parts

  1. An introduction
  2. A five-paragraphed body
  3. A thesis statement
  4. A conclusion

If your paper has these four points, then you are good to go. Moreover, you could take help from the following guidelines. These guidelines will help you in creating a good paper. Following these guide lines and your teacher’s instructions, you would definitely achieve your goal.

  1. Your paper should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. In this regard, you can also download spelling checker software or grammar checker software.
  2. You should proofread your paper before submitting, to avoid minor mistakes
  3. You can take help from your seniors, siblings, parents, instructors or tutors
  4. You can ask them to proofread it before submitting it
  5. Another good tip for improving your writing style is to, re- write the already written papers
  6. You can take help from guide books because they are always rich of general topics and information
  7. Keep on researching. With time, the researches give upgraded results
  8. Avoid giving copied definitions from dictionary
  9. Always try to be creative
  10. Choose simple words to deliver your viewpoint
  11. Avoid jumps
  12. Your paper should follow a rhythm
  13. There should be a topic sentence on the top of every paragraph
  14. Give headings and sub-headings
  15. Give bullet points to be more specific and precise
  16. There should be transitional hooks in the end of each paragraph to connect it to the other paragraph