Selecting Decent Argumentative Essay Topics In Marketing

The best argumentative essay topic in marketing must feature a strong statement about the subject. It tests your ability to make a strong case in support of your point of view. The topic is clear and specific on the issue you wish to handle. It sets boundaries on the areas to be covered in your paper. Here are some of the topics to consider:-

  1. Direct marketing remains the most effective market penetration strategy
  2. The fragile nature of mobile marketing points at a misunderstood strategy
  3. Portable promoting remains a viable viral showcasing promotion strategy
  4. Cross selling does not deliver long term value to a brand
  5. Relationship marketing remains the strongest approach to marketing
  6. Can mobile marketing techniques be used to develop info brands?
  7. Online marketing is not as reliable as conventional marketing
  8. The greatest threat to mobile marketing is bleached ethics
  9. Network marketing structures are bound to collapse because they are not driven by the brand
  10. Use of celebrities to market sporting brands never delivers the desired long term results
  11. Comedy has been taken too far as a marketing tool
  12. The use of market specific branding strategies hurts the global image of multinationals

When choosing an argumentative essay topic in marketing, ensure that it meets the criterion for the strongest topics. Such criteria demands that the topics be:-

  • Unique- the topic should stand out among others in marketing. Repeating research in an area that has received extensive attention amounts to repetition. It makes your work mundane to read since it does not arouse curiosity when reading. The reader should be curious since he or she has never encountered such a topic.

  • Relevant- choose a topic that resonates with your interests and those of people around you. It should also be in line with your area of specialization or study in the larger field of marketing. A relevant topic means that you can confidently express your opinion as well as find data in order to make strong arguments.

  • Specific- the topic chosen should provide specific boundaries on the areas to be covered in your paper. Limits guide readers on what to expect. They also guide you during research ensuring that you do not waste time on irrelevant reading.

Choosing a strong topic is the first step towards a strong argumentative paper. The ideas presented in the paper must support your topic. The topic bears close semblance with the conclusion because it wraps up all that is discussed in the paper.