Philosophy And The Self

What is the self?

The idea of the self is equivalent to the depths of the deepest oceans in the world. What is a self? In simplest terms, the concept of the self can be explained as one’s own self – me. But when we add the phrase “Self” to it, it tends to complicate things and the ways in which it is perceived. Who they are defines them as who they ought to be, their selves further define them as a person.

When one person identifies their self that it is the crux of who they are as a person. Theoretically, it is not easy to explain the self of an individual. This is because the self is the definition of who they are as a whole – in order to make anything in this world a complete whole; several relatively smaller parts have to come together. The same rule applies to the self of a person. The many branches of philosophy and psychology explore the realms of the self. In order to understand the self, there are other branches that must be understood too, these are:

  1. The soul and
  2. The mind

The three go hand in hand, and one cannot be understood without the other. Any individual is usually divided into many parts that come together and form them as a person we see. These branches of an individual also include how they see themselves, how the world sees them and how they wish to be seen. To have the three mentioned states in complete coherence is phrased as self-actualization, very few people in the world are ever able to achieve this state. However, how and what one wishes to be is what is defined as their self. Self is like culture. Just like culture of a place becomes its identity and is constantly evolving influenced by all things internal and external – so is the self.

Hence, in order to form an identity that can be projected to the world, one needs to have a self. Self can be called the identity but more so, it is what plays a vital part in establishing and determining various traits of an individual that give him the novelty of being his own self. What one does, their job, family, perception and code of conduct that allows them to survive is what makes their identity. How they approach the above is what determines the strength and power of their self.