A Manual For Composing An Outline For A Five-Paragraph Essay

A five paragraph essay is one of the easiest and simple forms of academic paper that you will need to write. In fact, it is often used to help teach students how to write various academic papers. Essentially, the structure is easy to understand and learn, and helps to teach students how to develop and create good, logical a meaningful academic papers.

The structure of the essay, as the name suggests, involves using five different paragraphs. These five paragraphs will be split up into three different sections. Those sections include the following:

  • The introduction - essentially, the introduction will provide the reader with details relating to what to expect from the rest of the essay. It may include a hypothesis or a question that you intend to ask, as well as potentially an indication of what direction you will take with the essay. This part of the paper will use the first paragraph.

  • The body section - this section will cover the next three paragraphs of your paper. The body section will essentially be where the discussions of your paper take place. For example, if you are writing an argumentative paper, then you will include any arguments or persuasive content in this section. In fact, you will use a different paragraph for every point or argument that you wish to make. Therefore, if you were writing an argumentative paper, it would mean you will include three different arguments - one for each paragraph.

  • The conclusion - this section of your paper will be included last, and will cover the final paragraph of your essay. Essentially, you will look at and refer to any points or arguments already made, so as to bring the paper to a logical finish.

As mentioned, this is a relatively simple and straightforward academic paper. Furthermore, even though it may require you to carry out detailed research, the amount of writing required will be relatively limited, due to the fact that you only have three paragraphs to use.

Therefore, whilst an outline for most academic papers will be relatively detailed and will describe to any potential readers what they should expect from the paper, when it comes to a five paragraph essay, your outline needs only to be a couple of sentences so in length. In fact, you only need to give a brief description or summary about what you will include within your paper.