Composing An Excellent Narrative Expository Essay

Typically essays will fall either into the narrative category or the expository category. But it is also possible to blend the two styles into a narrative expository paper. The basics of this kind of paper are the same as with any expository paper: you should investigate and explore a topic and present an argument about it that includes supporting evidence. The different for a narrative expository paper is how you might present your argument, information, and evidence. In comparison the more removed tone and style of a typical expository paper, you can use more of a narrative or storytelling approach.

Follow these simple tips on how to compose and excellent narrative expository essay:

  • Choose a good topic
  • The first step to writing a great paper is choosing your topic. Your teacher may or may not have provided you with a broad topic or some guidance in what kind of topic you should choose. Even if they have, you will probably still need to narrow it down to a specific subject. When choosing a topic try to pick one that you find interesting, that most people probably don't’ know much about, and that you feel you can make a compelling argument about. If you do choose a well known topic, it is generally better to pick a somewhat controversial one.

  • Develop your thesis statement
  • Your thesis statement is the one sentence summary of your argument. By reading just your thesis statement your reader should have a pretty good idea of what your paper is going to be about.

  • Outline your paper
  • Too many students skim over the process of outlining their paper or skip over it all together. Taking the time to create a good outline of your paper is extremely helpful when it comes to organizing your thoughts, your information, and any quotes you might be using. When outlining this kind of paper, each body paragraph or section should be one point of your argument.

  • Cite your evidence
  • When you are providing evidence about an idea or to support an argument it is important to be able to cite that evidence. Whether it is citing a specific part of the topic that you are writing about, like a line in a poem, or citing another source that verifies or backs up a claim that you are making. When you do cite your evidence, especially if it is with a quote, make sure you explain it as well.