Writing An MLA Format Literary Essay: 5 Basic Rules

Almost every week your professor is asking you to write another literary essay. This task itself is not difficult, but the problem is that you have to follow a different format every time. As useful as this will be for the future, you can not deny the fact that it’s more difficult than you expected. The MLA format is well known by any student, so you will not have troubles finding information about it. Here are the 5 basic rules that you have to know when you write an essay in the MLA style:

  1. The editing is extremely important. If you follow the MLA format you can not neglect details like the spacing between paragraphs or the edge of the paper. This can make all the difference and your professor will not be happy if you do not pay attention to this. In general, you have to make sure that the text of the essay is double spaced, and you don’t add more than one space after punctuation signs. Make sure that the font is a classic one, appropriate for academic content.

  2. Your pages need to have numbers. This might sound like nothing for you, but it is a requirement that you have to follow. It is very important to put the numbers in the top corner, not at the bottom of the page.

  3. Write all the details at the top of the page. This format does not require a special page for the title. However, if your professor asks you to do it you should not hesitate. Normally you have to write your name, the title and the date at the top of the first page. Try to not add any unnecessary details, as this will seem unprofessional from you. Use the same font all the time.

  4. Make sure you don’t forget citations. This is one of the basic requirements of MLA style. Every time you quote someone you have to mention the author, the publication and the date when the book or magazine was published. If there are too many things to write, you can create a special citations page.

  5. Do not add footnotes if you can avoid this. This style is supposed to be simple, classic and clear. When you add footnotes you will make the page seem crowded and chaotic and this is not what your professor wants.