Writing An Essay On How To Improve Students' Academic Performance

Performance is a measure of the extent to which a student, an institution or any other party attains their goals. The best tools for analyzing a students' academic performance are; continuous assessment tests, examinations or an academic performance index. You can get tips on how to write an essay from a writing agency/ services or review of an online essay. Below is a list of what you need to include:

Factors affecting student’s performance

As institutions assess their students, they should also consider the factors affecting the performance as well as the evidence that is influencing the students' performance. A school's background and facilities, parents' involvement, social economic factors and students' admission cluster points are some of the factors affecting.

How it works

Once these factors have been identified, the necessary adjustments need to be done to improve the academic performance of the students. People who are conservative are always afraid of change. Nevertheless, at some point it will be inevitable when you are in dire need of improvement.

Parents' involvement

Research indicates that the efforts put in by parents has a great impact on their kids' academics performance. Setting expectations, creating a conducive home environment and constant and open communication are all parental roles in this situation. Though some may be belittled, they still matter a lot.

Teachers' responsibilities

Teachers have the greatest role when it comes to improving the performance of the students. There is a need for teachers to constantly adjust their teaching methods, employ academic reward systems, set high academic standards, frequent monitoring of a student's behavior and encourage student participation by asking questions. Both teachers and parents need to show they believe in their student's improvement and should frequently encourage them.

School set up and responsibility

A class with more than 30 students is not conducive for learning, it also limits a teacher's interaction with their students. It even becomes hard to identify students with academic problems. Additional academic resources should be added to a school's facilities. School management should hire experienced teachers and avoid the excuse on "fair student funding policy". Discipline and rules governing students' conduct should be greatly enforced.

Student's role

If he or she is not making an improvement effort on their side, then all other working factors are in vain. Understand yourself, get involved and learn to manage your academics.

All the above factors will have to work hand in hand for the academic seesaw to balance. Moreover, no one can count themselves out as being part of a students' performance.