Causes And Repercussions Of The French And Indian War

Struggles for supremacy had been going on for decades between England and France. The French and Indian War raged between 1754 and 1753, was one such war fought for dominance in world power and trade. The causes that led to the war and repercussions of the war are discussed in the following sections.

Causes of the French and Indian War

The French and Indian War, also referred to as the Seven Years’ War, was pitted between British imperialists, French colonists, and Iroquois confederacy. It took place across continents of North America and Europe and involved countries like France, England, Russia, Spain, and others. The war started when both British and French settlers tried to colonize land in the Ohio River Valley. This valley provided access to ports on the East Coast for fur traders. It was an internal war between colonists for the first two years but developed into international war when the English and French Governments opened hostilities formally.

The first major attack was made by the British on the French for Fort Duquesne in 1754, which French won. During the initial phases of the war, French were constantly defeating British troops, as their attack was brutal and similar to guerilla warfare, aided by the local tribes. England gained upper hand only after 1758, when they formed a new strategy with naval blockade and alliance with Native American tribes. A series of forts were captured, and Quebec was captured in 1760 by British. The war ended with British control of North America in 1760, but continued to be fought in European states. Minor hostilities ended with the signing of “Treaty of Paris” in 1763 where territories were split between British, French, and other countries with the British attaining most of them.

Repercussions of the French and Indian War

The victory for British in the French and Indian War expanded the British Empire and France was ousted from North America. Conversely, Britain had to face enormous debt due to war cost and also colonial resentment from Native Americans. The British Government tried to impose taxes to cover the war expenses, which brought large resentment from the people. After the war, the British did not evacuate the contended property. They looked upon local Indians as brutes and tried to gain supremacy over them in administration and trade. These caused the Native Americans to rebel against the British colonists, which made them to gradually move out of the colonies.


The French and the Indian War was one of the important colonial battles fought between the French and the British. The causes and the repercussions of the war were discussed in the preceding sections. Though the British were the victors of the war, they also faced problems from natives which were the first of its kind and it was also not the last one.