Flower Symbolism

The meaning of flowers is related to both ancient and magic. Flowers are symbols of love, friendship, affection or sympathy. Flowers express thoughts and feelings that cannot be expressed in words. Giving and receiving flowers opens the door towards vulnerable tenderness. Pressing flowers in books or keeping them in some secret places are symbols of the recesses of the heart. These flowers kept this way stand for the memories they represent.

Flower meaning in painting or literature is related to both wedding and romance. Choosing flowers for a wedding might reflect love, devotion and commitment lovers wish to build on. White flowers convey lovers’ coming together in marriage with both honesty and sincerity in mind, body and spirit. Symbolic messages of flowers are inferred from ancient legends from all over the world blending with interpretations from our contemporary world.

Flower Meanings

There are specific flowers such as the Camellia flower which is the symbol of loveliness, taking your breath away. The chrysanthemum flower is said to be everlasting. This flower is also the symbol of both magic and wonder of a shooting star in a starry sky. The daisy flower stands for happiness and simplicity. The daisy has always been the tool of knowing the other’s feelings. The Daphne flower conveys sweetness and honesty. It also brings joy and smiles to everyone, even to a new born endowed with both love and innocence. The orchid flower is characterized as a very sensual essence conveying a feeling of desire. The petunia flower expresses friendship, having a variety of colors, as it is like a rainbow with its spectrum of colors. A bed of these flowers resembles a magic carpet which brings blessing between friends. The rose flower stands for everlasting beauty and love. It is also representative of those in love or in true marriage.

Deep Symbolic Meaning

Flowers are delicately beautiful being a powerful instrument in sacred ceremonies or rituals invoking energies as well. Flowers might be a gift for the dear ones while the big bouquets of flowers convey happiness and a sense of calm. Flowers are the story teller of mystery and beauty while each flower is unique, elegant and cute. The arrangement of flowers can be a peaceful and relaxing ritual. Moreover, flowers in the garden are not everlasting, as they ca whither easily. Flowers transmit an intuitive message that we must enjoy the moment as long as we can.