Essential Steps To Writing A Great Five Paragraph Essay

When writing a five paragraph essay, there are various essential steps that you need to be aware of. The following explains these various steps, as well as providing some other useful information.

  • What structure does a 5 paragraph essay follow?
  • In order to write a five paragraph essay you first need to know what structure it will take. Essentially, as the name suggests, you will need to write five different paragraphs. The first paragraph will include your introduction. The next three paragraphs will be devoted to your body section. And the final paragraph will include your conclusion.

  • Creating the introduction
  • The first of these five paragraphs is the introduction. In the introduction you will provide the reader with details about the topic that you will be discussing. Depending upon the style of the essay that you need to write, you will approach the introduction in a variety of different ways.

    For example, with an argumentative paper, you will need to introduce the topic and the position or stance that you wish to take with that topic. Alternatively, with a different style of academic paper, such as an informative essay, you will not necessarily need to argue for one side or the other, so your introduction will be concerned more with introducing the topic rather than informing the reader of any point of view that you will be arguing for.

  • Writing the body section
  • The next three paragraphs will be used for the body of your essay. If you’re writing an argumentative paper, then you may wish to write a new argument in each individual paragraph. Equally, when writing an academic paper using other essay styles, you use each paragraph to bring up new points.

    In order to provide some extra clarity to the different paragraphs, you can use topic sentences, which will essentially give the reader more information about what each paragraph will be about.

  • Producing a relevant conclusion
  • Finally, you need write the conclusion in the fifth paragraph. The conclusion will draw any arguments or points that you have brought up in the body section.

    Essentially, you will be aiming to evaluate any hypothesis or point of view that you stated in the introduction, based on the points or arguments that you wrote in the previous three paragraphs. Furthermore, you should not bring up any new points or arguments in the conclusion section, as they should all be contained within the body section.