How To Select An Appropriate Format For A High School Expository Essay

High school is a learning platform where students are asked to come up with top quality expository essays. Only a few of them achieve this goal while most craft the wrong thing. There should be no more panic as the information entailed in this article will guide you on how to select an outstanding format. Generally, this is composed of five paragraphs.

Conduct prior research

Exploring different materials can help you to be well versed with the right format to choose for your work. Compare different information and what other people are saying about composing this text and note it down. For instance, you can search on the website by directly typing the name of the essay you want to be informed.

Draw an appropriate outline

Organizing your work is the root of good performance. Before you can commence your writing, it is necessary to draw a rough sketch of the general work. This will guide you when you embark on the writing as you will spend relatively less time.


This is the first paragraph of the text and it should be brief and captivating. The reader’s ability to keep on the course depends on your choice of words. Compose the thesis statement which is the road map upon which all other ideas are built. It should be specific and focus on the given subject.

The body

This is made up of the next three paragraphs, each of which should contain a leading and a concluding statement, followed by detailed information. Basically, the writer should render strong supporting details with germane examples that can enable easier apprehension by the readers. For more elaborated subjects, the author can adopt up to seven paragraphs. You can choose to use the cause and effect or simply the compare and contrast method.


Restate the major points written in the body of the text with no further elaboration. Do not add new ideas that were not initially mentioned. This is also the appropriate section to include your recommendations about the subject. Elementary, this should be covered in only one paragraph and should be simple and precise.

Editing of work

A good writer does not submit unedited work as it may contain potential errors and spelling mistakes. You can choose to read through it yourself, refer to a friend or simply copy and paste in an editing and proofreading application.