Solid Advice On How To Improve Your Essay Writing Vocabulary

Do you need to become richer in vocabulary regarding essay writing? Fortunately, there are plenty of websites where you can read about related topics nowadays. For instance, writer's blogs or forums are among the best alternatives. In addition to this, there are free online courses which you could complete to enlarge your vocabulary. Read this post in order to discover with solid pieces of advice that could help you improve.

  • Do you need more expressions? The first step is to be aware of your lack of vocabulary in order to come up with effective solutions to that issue. If you write once in a while, you may not notice your own circumstance in this occupations; you'd better ask someone else for opinion. If he/she dedicates to writing, your lack of skill will be evident. Therefore, you will be advised on time. In addition, if a teacher points out that your essays should have a wider range of terms, you should suspect that something is going on.
  • How to identify the lack of vocabulary. Now that we may have identified the problem, let's find a solution. According to my experience, there is a very simple way to determine whether you need more vocabulary or not. If you find yourself having to use defining clauses in a frequent basis, you should suspect that using one single word is more adequate. Sometimes you really need those expressions to describe what you imagine, though. But, nobody – unless really unorthodox or knowing exactly what he/she's doing – says “a tool to cut paper” instead of scissors, right?
  • Refine the content of an essay. The above-mentioned issue is clearly spotted when you check an essay. Once you are done with the writing, you are able to be more critical about the work. Therefore, the lack of variety in the expressions tends to be more evident when you revise.
  • Read articles from different authors. This is a rather useful strategy to improve your use of the language. In addition, reading essays serves to improve your overall performance at writing.
  • Write, write, write. Quite self-descriptive, don't you think? Practise in to become a master.

Many sites offer suggestions regarding writing vocabulary but you should definitely try this one. In order to master the basic skills, there is no best strategy than practising in a regular basis. Dedicate some minutes to creating essays every day to improve in the short term. To master more advanced features, you will need more time, though. Writing is a long-lasting learning experience.