Top 12 Argumentative Essay Topics About Gun Control

When you have knowledge about a subject, you feel comfortable whenever talks are held on the same. It is always better to be armed than helpless. This logic has strengthened the sphere of gun rights activists.

The other side

However, gun control activists have their own logic; and feel that allowing possession of guns to citizens is a clear catalyzing thrust towards criminality. Needless to say, many argument essays keep getting published on gun control.

Chance to vitiate

Give a PC to a kid and he can learn a lot. Conversely, he can also take to PC games and become an addict. Every facet has a dark side; it depends on the side of the mirror you are observing from. In a mirror image, the right hand becomes left and vice versa!

Killing peace

You may question the validity of the topic in the argumentative essay. Your essay may also surmise on the actual need of firearms. It is ironical that country areas are quite peaceful and yet these are the areas where crime gets a free run. The solution is to offer gun license and make the area less peaceful.

Elaborate placement

Your essay may actually pick plausible examples of areas where gun control has prevented crime in the long run. Alternatively, you can also shed light on places which enjoy pace because the citizens are secure. This is a venomous topic for arguments in actuality.

Keep reasoning shoes on

Whatever side you take in the essay, make sure that your points are relevant and not combative for the sake of it. Attempt earnestly to hand readers with a clear chance to identify with the situation. Meanwhile, here are 12 schematic essay topics on gun control for your purview –

  1. Is Gun Control or Gun Rights going to change anything?
  2. Is the hyper rate of crime an effect of Gun Rights in US?
  3. Should country or suburb dwellers get gun license more conveniently?
  4. Is it possible to ensure that guns are licensed to genuine candidates?
  5. Is the fact that hand guns are easily concealable not a big give-away
  6. Should Presidential nominees hold debates on Gun Control?
  7. Will Gun Control relaxation in some US states make citizens of other states to move?
  8. Will Gun Rights activists not ask for grenades in future as a sequential form of colonial expansion?
  9. Should states allowing gun rights also place additional responsibility on availing citizens?
  10. Does the ‘gaming’ ploy make the issue of dun control quite frivolous?
  11. Will background checks suffice in case of gun control considering people with high connections can always change the tune
  12. Should Govt. take responsibility for accidental shootouts in areas where gun rights are allotted?

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