Composing An Essay On Verbal Communication Skills

In the past, nearly every high school student had to take a course that taught verbal communication skills. The class was traditionally called “Speech Class” and it taught students how to give different types of speech, how to take notes, and how to speak clearly. Now, it is uncommon to find a stand-alone Speech Class in any high school. Students are supposed to learn the verbal communication skills in their language arts classes. In many cases, they are assigned essays to show that they have learn how to communicate verbally.

Share the Formalities

When you are assigned an essay about this topic, there are a few components that you need include. You should write about the correct way to speak in front of an audience. Include the rate, volume, and tone that you use so the audience can understand you. It is also important to include discussion about body language and how to stand when giving a speech. And, do not forget sharing the appropriate way to dress when you are giving a formal speech in front of audience.

Share What You Know

After you have discussed those formalities, it is also important to talk about the different types of speeches. You can give speeches to inform, entertain, persuade, and demonstrate. Depending on the assignment, it can be helpful to show your instructor that you understand what you do in each of those speeches. So, give examples of what you might share with the audience.

Write the Paper in the Formal Style

When you write the verbal communications essay, it is always a good idea to write the paper with all of the necessary components. This means that the introduction should include a good hook, background information, and a thesis statement. Since you are writing about verbal communication, you could use a quote from a popular speech to get the reader’s attention.

Include Sufficient Examples

The body of the paper is where you will discuss the requirements of the paper. You might need to write several paragraphs based on everything you know about verbal communication. You should always include sufficient examples and explanations so your reader does not have to question your knowledge. The body paragraphs should always include topic sentences that refer back to the thesis.

Wrap It Up

As always, do not forget the conclusion. This is where you will wrap up your knowledge about speaking and communication. Drive the topic home and maintain a professional voice throughout the entire paper.