Composing An Effective Essay On Why Organic Food Is Better

If you are composing an effective essay on why organic food is better, the keys to success include organization and understanding your topic. You want to look for words in your prompt that might limit your writing, such as specific chapters you can draw from, sources you are or are not allowed to use, and what topics you can cover.

You want to brainstorm ideas about organic food and from that, come up with a list of potential main arguments that support the thesis. Since the thesis is already constructed for you with this specific prompt, your job is almost nearly done. All you need do now is search for viable evidence as to why that is true. That evidence might come from the standpoint of organic foods being more sustainable and therefore better for the environment, or from the standpoint of the foods being healthier and better in terms of disease prevention and health.

  • Write
  • Include the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. For the introduction, save it for last. Include the thesis and give the reader a roadmap for what to expect in the remainder of your content. For the body, you want to provide supporting evidence for every point that you make and revisit your thesis to emphasize how you are addressing the prompt. For the conclusion, remind the reader what you presented in the content.

  • Edit
  • You want to edit multiple times for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Change any vocabulary if necessary to improve your expression and delete any sections that you find are no longer relevant.

  • Prepare your final copy

  • Add any footnotes if necessary or your bibliography and present a clean copy on time.
  • Once you complete all of your writing you want to check it over again to see if you have made any mistakes or forgotten anything. And after you have checked everything over you want to save the work on multiple sources; save a copy on your computer, email a copy to yourself, save a copy in a third party cloud source, print a copy, etc… The more copies you have floating around, the better your chances of avoiding that fatal computer error and lost work scenario. There is perhaps nothing worse for students than staying up all night completing the perfect writing task only to have computer or printer problems.