Artificial Intelligence

The tremendous advancements in technology have led to great inventions and development of many things. One of these things is the development of artificial intelligent machines. This is the creation of machines that can perform things more or less like the brain of a human being. This has however led to a lot of murmurs about the development. There are a lot of questions about what artificial intelligence can do and what it cannot do. However, research is still on and there is a lot of anticipation on the next developments. Who knows we may soon be having machines that behave and act all just like human beings. Regardless of all these there are many issues associated with artificial intelligence that need to be discussed.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

The main advantage is that it will lead to zero errors. This will reduce wastage in production processes. Artificial intelligence will result in the creation of machines that can withstand interplanetary conditions without affecting operations. This will allow for exploration of space and other planets. Robots which can withstand harsh conditions can also be used in mining and the exploration of other minerals. They will also be very handy in the mining of fuel that is in conditions that human beings cannot survive. The artificial intelligent machines will also be used to replace human power and thus reduce the cost of operation. They can be programmed to do work that was being done by many people thus reducing production cost.

Artificial intelligence will be helpful in fraud detection. It is already in use in various places like in ATMs. They are also viewed as a good solution to many things because unlike human beings they are not emotional. They can, therefore, think clearly and logically in situations where a man cannot. The intelligence is also used in modeling of systems. They are used in simulations.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

The main problem associated with artificial intelligence is the issue of ethics and moral values. Many people see it as demeaning to create a machine that behaves like a human being. Some intelligence was only given to people by God and replicating it may mean the erosion of some morals. Human are against AI as they see it as a potential threat to their place in the job market. It has sparked a lot of debates. The other advantage is the lack of human touch. It cannot thus be used to substitute man in all the areas. There are some areas that require the human caring nature.