5 Recommendations On How To Improve Your English Essay Writing Skills

English is a language that one can learn by practice. This language requires a lot of practice and some basic rules. If you know the basic grammar rules and tenses, then it would become easier for you to understand, communicate and write in this language. Every language has some basic criteria and this language is not tough at all. You would have to learn some basic principles and would start developing the writing skills.

Some students have ideas but they lack impression. They do not know how to express themselves. All they require is time to polish their skills. Below are some helpful guidelines that will make you a perfect and a great writer.


Avoid repetition. It will kill your writing impression. This is the first rule of grammar. You do not have to repeat the same line or word. It seems awkward. Your reader would get bore of your writing and would not find anything new in your writing and he will skip your essay. It’s nectary to avoid repeating the same word

Be specific

Removing UN necessary information will be helpful. Any irrelevant information would result in losing your marks. Try to be precise and specific as much as you can.

Be simple, original and natural

They all have a same meaning when it comes to writing. You do not have to be superficial, artificial and complicated. You should not use jargons. It does not give a good impression on the reader. Moreover, he will consider you non-creative. Try to deliver your thoughts in active voice and always prefer to use present tense. The sentences written in past tense are not encouraged.

Show your creativity to maximum

Avoid copying dictionary definitions. Try to use definitions of your own. Never try to copy anybody’s writing. It is cheating and considered as a crime. One should avoid plagiarism to maximum.

Revise your work before submission

Always give your paper a revision. It will help in rectifying your mistakes. Moreover you can download a spell-checker to avoid committing spelling mistakes. Other software for checking your grammar is also available. Editing is the last phase, but it is the most important phase of essay writing.

You can ask for a second opinion. You can ask your friend or class mate, a senior or a sibling, to check your writing.