4 Must-Read Tips On How To End A College Essay

Fundamentally, standard essays constitute three main parts namely, introduction, body and conclusion. Surprisingly, many students even those in higher learning institutions have not the idea regarding how each of these sections should be written. This leaves a lot to be desired. Writing is a process and this means, it follows through some important stages which a student must learn if a winning write up is all one aims for. Starting an essay has not always posed a challenge to many given the fact that there are many ways through which one can always begin a story. The body text which is usually a build up on one’s ideas is nonetheless easy to do, save for the conclusion which has continued to pose even greater hurdles to students. The question is; how is one supposed to end a story? Are there conventional ways of bringing your paper to a stop or the manner in which a story is supposed to be ended is open to debate?

Well, stories are told for different reasons. Some are told to entertain while others are told to inform and persuade. When you have got to tell your story through writing, a lot is lost in terms of easing tension and breaking monotony. However, experts have devised numerous ways of ending a story or rather concluding an essay. In this article, we take a leap into how one is supposed to end a college paper. Note that it is often said that a good story ends, it does not stop.

Sayings can make a good ending

Sometimes you have got no option but make your conclusion as short as possible and especially if a few words will be simple and all inclusive of what you could have stated in a whole paragraph. In such a case, use of a saying that is relevant to what you have written about will always do.

A recap of main points

Many times, students like to sum up their write up using this strategy, in which case, one echoes the main points discussed in an essay to make a good ending. This has always been a powerful way of reminding readers of what the paper is all about.

Call to action

Persuasive writing has been phenomenal with this type of ending. You end you writing by trying to convince your readers why they should act in a given way.