How to Write an Effective Essay: Expert Advice

For top grades, students need to learn how to write a good essay. Most subjects will require students to write essays at some point during their academic career. By learning this skill early, students can make their entire learning process much easier.

Read the Prompt

It may seem obvious, but the first step is to always read the writing prompt. Many students will read this prompt initially and forget to check it as they write. Over the course of the entire writing process, students often stray from the original topic and requirements. To make sure that the student gets a good score, they need to frequently reread the prompt.

Find Examples

Before a novelist creates their first novel, they have already read through hundreds or thousands of books. Students need to do the same thing with essay writing. To learn how to be the best academic writer, students need to know what will be expected. Later on, these examples can be used as a formatting guide. Students can also use the samples for help with their citations.

Cite Everything

Plagiarism is a major issue in high schools and colleges around the world. To prevent plagiarism charges, students need to cite every piece of information or idea that they got from someone else. As long as the information is cited, it is perfectly fine for the student to use. When the quote or statistic is not cited, it is technically considered plagiarized by the teacher.

Create an Outline

Before writing any paper, students should always create an outline. An outline is the best way for students to organize all of their research and ideas into a cohesive argument. Although it takes a few minutes to create an outline, it will actually save the student time later on.

Get Feedback

Getting feedback is one of the best ways for students to grow as writers. If the student does not know what they are doing wrong, they will never be able to correct their mistakes. Rather than continue to do the work incorrectly, students should carefully read through all of the remarks that their teacher leaves on their essay. In addition, students can take their essay into the teacher during their office hours for editing help before they turn the paper in. If there is a tutoring center or a writing center at the school, students should take advantage of the tutors that are available to them.