Drug Trafficking

Though there are many law enforcement agencies in the world fighting drug use and trafficking, the problem is still strong in the world. The flow of drugs over borders of many developed and developing countries have made it one of the highest and most dangerous problems governments have to face. To ensure the safety of the people who live in a country and those who are desperate enough to participate in Drug Trafficking, countries are now implementing strict measures to control it.

Developing countries are desperate to get their wares into the ‘rich’ countries mostly because of the profit the dealers gain through it. Many believe that the measures taken to control it are extreme, but the following statistics state the truth about how serious the situation is becoming.

Recent Facts about Drug Trafficking

The following is a list of statistics that show how drug trafficking has escalated over the years to an unbelievable level in terms of both marketing and use.

  • Law enforcement agencies that are responsible for drug control, make 30,000 arrests annually related to import and export of illegal narcotics.
  • More than 32% of inmates in prison were either under the influence of or distributing drugs when they were arrested.
  • Drug trafficking is a highly profitable business, with a worth estimated to be in the billions.
  • There are countries which are run on drug and illegal narcotic businesses. If it were to stop, the country would face a severe economic crisis.
  • Illegal drug use is related to many fatal or life threatening illnesses that include HIV infection, hepatitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia and other various infections.
  • There are also mental illnesses that are often instigated by drug use. Suicide, being prone to violence and even homicide are often related to drug use.
  • There are over 40,000 police officials who are working against and fighting illicit drug trade and use.
  • There are hundreds of rehabilitation centers for people who are trying to get off their addiction to drugs and that in itself is a million dollar industry.

People who are addicted to drugs often become dependent on them. Those who traffic illegally have a very profitable business. It is becoming increasingly difficult since more and more people become addicted to illegal narcotics through recreational use. This prompts a desire to get more and increases the demand to a point where they become willing to do a lot. Drugs and drug trafficking is a rising industry, which has claimed thousands of lives over the past few years.