Contents Insurance

The World is full of uncertainties. A person would not know what will happen today, tomorrow and for the days to come. Everything in this complicated world is subject to change. In other words, nothing is permanent. Calamities, fortuitous events, and disasters seem to be unavoidable. But the big question is: how do we human beings keep ourselves protected in these times of disasters and uncertainties?

We all need protection, even the mightiest man attest to become protected at all times. Protection as I was saying can be represented in many ways. It depends on the situation. In health, there is the emergence of vitamins and food supplements. Famous personalities like artists and politicians always hire the most skilled and well trained body guard so that in case of emergency they have someone to count on to. Same is true in the corporate world. Business owners, store owners, real estate owners and other establishments that generate money have what they call insurance. For me, Insurance is more of a protection rather than an investment. To make it clearer, an investment is an asset that is income generated, if it is not income generated then it is not an investment. Insurance is simply having an assurance that in case of an emergency, someone will be there to help. When I say emergency, I am referring to the unexpected negative events that is unavoidable and might happen in the near future.

Nowadays, there are widely known types of Insurances. We have the life Insurance and its later counterpart, non life insurance. Life insurance is a type of insurance that is pertaining to life. When a person has a life insurance, his or her love ones will receive certain amount of money in case of death as per indicated in the policy of the insurance company. Same is true in case of accidents and hospitalization, if the insured is hospitalized because of injury or accident he/she is again entitled to claim the benefits from the insurance company. It would again depend on the policy that the insured signed. In most cases, Insurance Company will cover all the hospitalization expenses. On the contrary, some Insurance company has only allowable maximum amount to cover the expenses in case of accidents.

The modern world is spinning quickly. It is very evident that Americans, westerners and even Asian all over the world has been rapidly appreciating the benefits and protection of Insurances. If you are a car owner, you can avail the car insurance. Even your neighbor who has a newly purchased house can readily avail the house insurance. It can be single handedly offered by the real estate developers. Of all the types of Insurances, contents insurance is the one that amazes me. Contents insurance is a type of insurance that covers the contents of a Grocery store, department store, and any other commercial establishment that is legally operated. Even home owners can also avail the contents insurance. In case of unnecessary and unavoidable events, consider the contents of your grocery store protected. Again, the amount of the claim is based on the policy of the insurance company. It is always practical to compare quotations and consult an expert insurance agent before deciding what contents insurance to buy. In the case of houses, contents insurance also has remarkable advantages. I find it necessary for tenants who prefer to rent a house rather than owning to buy tenant insurance or tenant contents insurance. In a tenant insurance policy, the Insurer is liable for the replacement or damage of your personal belongings inside your rented house. Example of these includes furniture’s, clothes, jewelry, cash and any other personal belongings that are owned by the tenant. On the contrary, not all personal belongings are covered by the insurer. In the insurance industry, there is this term called Irreplaceable items Insurance coverage. This refers to items which cannot be replaced if lost or repaired if damaged. In this matter, the best advice that I can give to tenants is to read and understand carefully the terms and policy of the Insurer before availing it. Truly, an insurance policy is very tricky and confusing some times. In some instances, if the insured violates a rule indicated in the policy he/she cannot get any claim from the Insurance Company. It is called Liability No-Claims. Insurance companies are really smart. It is a business though, and a business will always be a business. To avoid violating any rule, it is better to listen attentively to the Insurance agent when he/she is explaining the Insurance policy.

Of all the things that I have said, are you now willing to buy insurance? Take your wisest pick; will it be life insurance or non life insurance? Car enthusiasts are more likely to avail the car insurance. Whatever insurance you wish to avail will all depend on you. The choice is yours. It is all up to you. Stay protected, be practical and become an insurance lover.