5 Secrets Of Writing A Winning Narrative Essay

To be able to tell stories is a real talent, and not many people have it. In general, it’s tricky to tell a story and keep others interested for more than a few minutes. This is why writing a good narrative essay can be a challenge, especially if he is not good in literature. It will take a lot of practice and many failed essays until he can finally learn what are the most important things. Until then, check out these 5 secrets that will help you write a great narrative essay:

  1. Don’t write about something that your colleagues already know. You are always tempted to write about something that happened to you and if the story is interesting, your colleagues probably know it already. To avoid the awkward moment when they yawn when you read, make sure to bring in discussion a story that they don’t know before.

  2. Try to make them use their imagination. With this narrative essay you are supposed to do much more than tell a story; you are supposed to help them learn a lesson and put themselves in your place. This means that you have to describe everything around you, not just how you felt. Talk about the weather, the smells, the air.

  3. Stay away from too many details. In a narrative essay you are allowed to use as many details as you want. However, if you do not pay attention you will make the entire composition boring. As long as they know the important aspects of the story, you can neglect the rest.

  4. Talk about something that includes one of them. If they know the characters of your story, your classmates will be eager to find out everything. Teenagers are curious in general, especially when it comes to things that are directly connected with them or their friends. Make sure that you discuss with this person before you present your essay and take his permission to make the story public.

  5. composition. Your classmates need to learn something from what you are saying, preferably something that will help them in the future. Try to not seem judgmental or arrogant when you write; you are all there to learn from each other.