How To Compose An Essay On Why Books Are Better Than Movies

This can be a very interesting essay to write. Actually if you don’t make it interesting, you probably won’t get a very good grade. You compose an essay on this topic just like you would compose an essay on any other topic. Whenever you write an essay there are certain steps you should take so your essay is interesting, well-constructed and flows well. Try to use the following steps to compose an essay on why books are better than movies.

  1. Most often you have your subject. Now you need to research the subject so you can decide on a thesis. As you research, you will find something that interests you. Once that happens, you can dive deeper into that subject until you want find something you want to have as your topic sentence. In this case, research different articles on the internet on why books are better than movies. You will get many ideas on this subject. Decide on a few that you want to elaborate on. Your topic sentence can be something like:
    • a. Books are better than movies because they can describe events better.
    • b. Books leave much more to the imagination than movies do.
    • c. Books develop the characters more than movies.
  2. Once you have decided on your topic sentence, you have to develop at least 3 points to justify your topic sentence. The three points need to be interesting and drive home what you are trying to say in the topic sentence. The first sentence of each body paragraph should be the one of the three points. Then the rest of the paragraph is elaborating on the main point. Do this for all three points.
  3. This last paragraph should be the conclusion. You need to restate your topic sentence but in a different way. Once you have done that you need to elaborate and create a call to action or something like that. Try to get the audience interested in the topic further. You essay shouldn’t be the end of the conversation. It should actually help stimulate further conversation.

It is a good idea to create an outline, especially if your essay is more complicated and you have more than three body paragraphs. An essay is like a road map of your creation and it will keep your thoughts organized so you can create an essay that flows well and can be easily followed and understood. Essays can actually be fun to write once you get over the fear of writing them. You get to tell the world how you feel and they will have to listen. Enjoy!