A List Of 15 Biology Essay Topics For College Students

College students who study biology sometimes are instructed to write essays. To achieve success in this task, first of all, you should pick a proper topic for your paper. However, for some college students it’s easier to get a topic from a teacher rather than coming up with a one on their own. If you’re in a similar situation, it’d be helpful for you to look at the list below.

  1. Genes and obesity.
  2. You may do your investigation and discover what types of genes are connected to obesity and what can be done to prevent future generations from growing fat.

  3. Abortions and pregnancies.
  4. In your biology essay, you may present your research and educate your readers about the effects that abortions have on future pregnancies.

  5. Genes and homosexuality.
  6. Investigate this topic thoroughly and discover whether there are genes that are connected to homosexuality and how they work.

  7. Viruses as biological weapons.
  8. This theme allows college students to investigate whether such viruses like Ebola can be used as biological weapons.

  9. Alternative medicine.
  10. Do your research and present your results on the effectiveness of alternative medicine approaches, like using herbs, for example.

  11. Vaccination and autism.
  12. There are studies that claim that particular vaccinations increase the risk of autism. Investigate this topic in your biology essay.

  13. Birth control pills and their effects on women.
  14. Do your research and educate your readers about the effects on health after regular using of birth control pills.

  15. Causes of cancer.
  16. Investigate in your paper what are the causes of cancer and how to reduce the risk of falling prey to this disease.

  17. Human evolution.
  18. Research this topic and write about the known facts of human evolution and reasons for humans to evolve in this particular direction.

  19. The study on genetic diseases.
  20. You may pick a particular genetic disease and do a thorough investigation about it in your paper.v

  21. Meningitis.
  22. This subject contains plenty of mysteries even nowadays. Write about what scientists know about it.

  23. The usage of nanotechnology.
  24. Write about the perspectives of using nanotechnologies in biology.

  25. Dealing with phobias.
  26. Investigate in your essay whether it’s possible to treat phobias by using surgical rather than psychology methods.

  27. The study of hypnosis.
  28. Try to look at hypnosis from a biological point of view and present your results in your paper.

  29. Sleeping disorders.
  30. Write about the functions and benefits of sleep. Describe how sleeping disorders affect the human organism and how they can be treated.