The "Beast" Becomes the Beauty

The Beast is the male central character of the Beauty and the Beast, a 1991 Disney film. The Beast was born a prince but was transformed into a dreadful beast when he was cursed by a witch on the basis that he lacks love for others within him. The prescription for neutralising the dreadful spell appears simple but difficult to achieve; the Beast must learn to truly love others from the depth of his heart and must also earn the love of another. Beast tries hard to love others but who can really love a beast in return?

The fearful spell continued without any hope that any solution was in sight for the Beast until providence sent Belle into his path. But the Beast relates with Belle with fear rather than with affection and kindness out of desperation to get out of the enchantment. Providence again helps the Beast by making Belle to give the thought of loving him a trial through showing him courage and compassion slowly but surely. With time, the Beast starts to see into the condition of his own heart and eventually discovers that a beast can win another’s love.

The Personality of the Beast

The Beast depicts an irritable, stubborn, erratic, lonely, rude and animalistic conduct. His outlook is extremely pessimistic and would quickly get frustrated and give up when things work against his plans. The Beast growls and roars when angry. He depicts extreme social regressions like failing to remember simple table manners. At a particular time during an attack by a pack of wolves, the Beast attempts to commit suicide meaning that he does not value his life too strongly since he never hoped the curse could be broken.

However, the Beast is not without a caring side because Glen, the animator, describes him as a young person who wants to be loved and wants to love others. Though he lacks civility yet he decides to become gentle and more agreeable for the sake of Belle.

The Appearance of the Beast

The Beast possesses blue eyes. He is slender and has thick dark brown fur, sharp claws and fangs, horns that look like that of a bull, and has a long bushy tail. However, as a prince, his appearance is slender fair skin and he has a muscular frame.

The Goal of the Beast

The Beast’s initial goal is to neutralise the curse placed on him by a witch and then regain his human nature again. After achieving his initial goal, the Beast pursues another plan which is to make his wife, Belle, happy always.