Augustinian Ethics In The 21st Century Society

Augustine does not talk about ethics from the philosophical point of view. He is concerned with the kind of ethics that shows his desire to serve God and know Him. His ethics is drawn from an active God, who has revealed Himself in many marvelous ways. Despite him being a bit philosophical, Augustine does not alter the teachings on the Bible. He, however, tries to show the true nature of human beings and that we are sinners. He tries to explain how that the only way we can get right with God is by repenting sins. He also believes that there is no other way that our relationship with God can be made right. It is never through a unique golden means or the use of some supernatural power. We have to get a connection to the living God. All his ethics propose that there is human happiness but only through knowing and getting right with God. His principles are founded on the values that Christ taught. He says that we can only be happy by loving others, oneself and God with all our strength, body, soul and mind.

The Ethics of the 21st Century

The ethics of today are mandatory things for us to follow. They are a priority. All our life aspects depend on them just as the Augustine shows how the happiness of a man depends on following the above ethics and being right with God, the principles of today make our lives better. We have to apply them to the workplace, with those around us and in almost all aspects of our lives. This is the in line with the teachings of Christ that we dedicate all our energy into what we do and not serve two masters. It is about the motivation that we get and responsibility that we have.

Ethics as a Responsibility

Due to the world and people’s nature and tendency to be greedy, ethics is there in the 21st century to give us a way and path to follow. It is a responsibility that each one of us is given to living as per these ethics so as to make the world a better place to live in. The ethics provide us with a social responsibility to take care of one another. The behavior of most of us is standard that we must be reminded of the things, the ethics that we should follow.