Top Ten Unique Argumentative Essay Topics On Politics

I would have been wetting my pants with excitement had I been tasked with writing an argumentative essay on politics. I can’t think of a better way to spend a dreary afternoon than venting my spleen about something that I feel passionate about. However, I understand that no matter how engaged you are with politics that coming up with a topic that is both unique and meaty enough to warrant your attention can be challenging. On the surface you might at first think that the task is simple. However, given how the world and his dog will be writing about the upcoming American Presidential elections and the crisis in Greece coming up with something unique and off the wall requires some thought.

So, in case you are still floundering here are my top ten unique argumentative essay topics on politics for you to sink your teeth into:

  • Should Political Cartoons that cause offence be banned? Do media outlets have a responsibility to the wider public NOT to print anything that A. Might be considered offensive? B. Put the organization and staff at risk? Charlie Hebdo in Paris can be used as just one example. However, there are other examples in Denmark etc. to be found.

  • Are there times when the benefits of an autocratic regime outweigh the benefits of democracy? Explore the current Syrian regime as an example of this.

  • Does the West have a superiority complex and is this complex damaging to world peace? Are we right to insist that our standards and ideals are better than traditions and customs which prevail in countries like Afghanistan? Who are we to insist that Sharia Law should be outlawed?

  • Explore the consequences of when politics and religion collide. You could use Middle-Eastern examples or something closer to home, for example certain Republican senator’s viewpoints on abortion.

  • Does the recent “Rainbow Revolution” in Ireland which has seen gay marriages legalized, automatically pave the way for a relaxation in abortion laws?

  • Are calls for people to be stripped of their passports and nationality if they travel to fight in countries such as Libya and Syria justified?

  • Should the intelligence agencies be above politics? Should they be beyond public scrutiny?

  • Does people power have any real influence on political decision making?

  • Does it really matter who is in power? Are Politicians all in it for their own personal gain?

  • Should the British Monarch be above politics or should we return to days gone by when they had influence and were much more than a figurehead?